About South Korea

South Korea is officially the Republic of Korea and it is sovereign state in East Asia. It has the southern part of the Korean peninsula. Its territory consists of the entire Korean peninsula and its adjacent islands are mountainous. South Korea has a different urban lifestyle as half of them reside in high rises which are concentrated in the Seoul capital area with 25 million residents. The capital Seoul is the world’s sixth leading global city with the 5th largest economy and is the 7th most sustainable city in the world.

South Korea is a highly technological nation which is driven by highly educated and skilled workforce. It has the world’s eighth highest median household income which is the highest in Asia. South Korea ranks highly in job security, individual safety and ease of doing business and also healthcare quality. It is the world’s third highest health adjusted life expectancy and it is the 4th efficient healthcare system.

10 Reasons to study in South Korea

Education: The Korean education system is like no other. The education quality and the devotion to accomplish highly is unique. To attend a Korean university will give your inspiration to work hard and have active competition with the students. Cost of living: In case there is anything that the students like, it is the chance to save some money. To go abroad can be a costly pursuit and to study in Korea is lot simpler on your finances than you may think. Transportation, accommodation and eating out are affordable. Many consider Seoul to be costly just like other capital cities. It may be enjoyed on a budget by students who get worried regarding the financial aspects of studying abroad.


The food is convenient, affordable and sumptuous. In case these are the requirements for dining as a student, Korea is the finest place for you. Food is central to the Korean culture. The streets are lined with many restaurants and many of them provide a wholesome meal at an affordable price.

Comfort Zone and Safety:

Korea is a safe destination for exchange students. It is not common to leave your personal belongings unattended at a café or move out late at night with friends and feel safe. Each nation has its own dangers which the students have to know prior to moving abroad. Korea has a very safe environment for the foreign students.

Student life:

The education system in Korea has led to a work hard culture at the universities. Students in Korea are devoted to their studies. The university areas have the hustle and bustle and are full of bars and clubs where the students can gather until the early hours of the morning to drink, eat and dance. It has got a vibrant nightlife and it is a pivotal aspect of the student experience.


To travel in Korea is affordable and free for foreigners. The trips can be made at weekends without even effecting your attendance marks. The natural landscapes in Korea give a well needed retreat from the non-stop student life.


To study in Korea will provide you experience and language skills to pursue a career and will place you at the front of the game.


The university students in Korea are enthusiastic about sharing their culture with exchange students and learn regarding their culture of the foreign visitors. It is the hospitality of the Korean people which will persuade you that Korea is the best destination for you.

Employment Opportunities In South Korea

South Korea is the most advanced and digitally linked nations in the world. South Korea is the leading exporter of automobiles, cell phones and other high tech gadgets and it is a growing competitor in information technology. Experts in these fields are required in Korea.

Seoul, the capital and biggest city in Korea is the center of everything from economy and politics to culture and international business. The largest companies in the world have their headquarters in Seoul and the areas which surround them. The economic activity takes place in the capital city. It is simpler to find jobs as an English tutor or a teacher in large cities such as Seoul.

University Scholarship

Several Korean universities give scholarship opportunities for the international students. Some scholarships are granted according to the GPA level of the applicants. The information in detail may be found at the specific university website.