study in australia

Australia offers a wide range of study options for the international students with 1200 institutions and more than 22000 courses to opt from. The colleges and universities in Australia have an awesome reputation for high quality overseas education with many Top 200 university rankings. To study in Australia is the chance to live an exceptional lifestyle. You get a chance to explore the oceans and rainforests. Australia has the finest international education system.

You will find an Australian college or university that is suitable for your requirements. English language colleges are there in the main cities. They facilitate a great language experience in an English speaking nation. The laws in Australia help in promotion of education and protection for the international students. To study in Australia helps in promotion of innovativeness and independent thinking this is valued by employers all over the world. To study in Australia is a life changing experience.

Why Study in Australia?

  • Australia has a great deal to offer to the international students.
  • It has an awesome reputation for international education and lifestyle.
  • Australian courses and qualifications are recognized all around the world.
  • Australia has the greatest living standards.
  • You can work for 20 hours per week or full time during vacations.
  • Various universities in Australia provide reasonable tuition fees and living costs in comparison to other nations.
  • Australia has the perfect weather for exploring and traveling.

How much does Australian Education Cost?

An undergraduate bachelor degree from an Australian University can cost between AUD$14000 to AUD $35,000 per annum. A post graduate degree can cost between AUD$15000 to AUD$36000 per annum.

Accommodation and Housing

The cost of hostels and guesthouses are from AUD$90 to AUD$150 per week
Shared rental is from AUD$85 to AUD$215 per week
Homestay is from AUD$235 to AUD$325

Other living expenses

Gas and electricity charges per week AUD$35 to AUD$140
Phone and Internet charges are from AUD$20 to AUD$55
Public transport charges are from AUD$15 AUD $55 per week

Working during study

International students in Australia can get permission to work part time for at least 40 hours per fortnight while they study. Student visas in Australia give permission to work. International students in Australia can find work in hospitality, retail and administration. The working students in Australia are covered by Australian law and practice. Any international student who wants to work in Australia has to get a Tax File Number or TFN from the Tax office in Australia. He has to provide his or her name, date of birth, present address and has to supply his or her date of arrival in Australia along with the proof of enrollment.

Healthcare system in Australia

These include family and children services, public health initiatives, medical and pharmaceutical benefits, healthcare funding and emergency services. The healthcare system in Australia is renowned all over world and is very effective and efficient. The system is a blend of public and private health sector healthcare service providers and has a wide range of funding mechanisms.

You need to make sure your insurance is valid in Australia and whether you have all the important vaccinations. Your physician in your home country will assist you in the medical questions or concerns that you have regarding traveling to Australia. You need to schedule an appointment with them prior to leaving the country.